Way back in 2011 when we started working with Nonnas, they needed an authentic website to compliment their exceptional mediterranean food.

Everything on the site from the wall paper to the rustic wooden textures can be found inside their restaurant

Nonnas Website Design
Nonnas Lunch Menu Design

The client wanted to spruce up their lunch time menu with vibrant and seasonal colours

Loud yellows, pinks and blues were the perfect compliment to Spring time.

Nonnas wanted to expand the range of products in their deli so decided to sell their own branded coffee.

Underneath a subtle and sleek version of the Nonnas "N", the golden brand colour was perfect to lift the coffee flavours from the label background.

Nonnas Coffee Packaging Design
Nonnas Breakfast Menu Design

Ledgibility was key due to the ambient lighting inside of the atmospheric rooms that make up the main restaurant.

Think william morris wall paper and white marble tables covered in the rich flavours of the mediterranean